Certified Teacher James Lusk





James has been teaching various forms of Yang Style Tai Chi, I-Chuan, Qigong, weapons forms and martial applications in the Portland, Oregon area since 2004, and as a full time profession since 2010.

He began his Internal Arts instruction with his first Sifu, Grandmaster Henry Look in 1999 in Sacramento, CA, studying the Guang Ping Form, saber, Hsing-I, I-Chuan and Bagua. James felt lucky to be prepared for his rigorous training at TIMA, by having a background in Kung Fu with Dr. John Painter of Arlington,TX.

After moving to Portland in 2001, he continued his studies, practicing Chen and Yang Tai Chi, I-Chuan, Hsing-Yi, Qigong and Filipino Martial Arts. James began teaching Internal Arts with the consent of his teacher, Sifu Jeff Patterson.

James is also a master-teacher and mentor for “Tai Chi: Moving for Better Balance” certified through the Oregon Research Institute and the Oregon Health Authority. This is an evidence-based program by Dr. Li, Fuzhong taught to seniors through community centers and assisted living facilities with grants from the Center for Disease Control.

James is thankful for and committed to continuing the legacy of his conscientious and skillful teachers.